Do you know what are the advantages of the suspended floor of the plastic court

//Do you know what are the advantages of the suspended floor of the plastic court

Do you know what are the advantages of the suspended floor of the plastic court

As a new outdoor sports ground material for basketball court, the suspended floor of plastic court can be directly paved on the foundation surface of cement. Every two pieces of floor need not be bonded and installed with unique locks. The operation is very simple and can be disassembled at will, which is the ideal choice for the reconstruction of old field. In addition to strengthening the supporting foot structure in the suspension structure design, creating a vertical shock absorption effect, non-slip surface can effectively prevent sports damage, because of its environmental protection material, easy construction and easy maintenance and low maintenance cost, so what are the advantages of the plastic stadium suspension floor?

First, the suspension assembly floor has 95-97% resilience, impact absorption function, comfortable sports buffer function, and sports absorption function, useful to avoid the damage of the basketball court players joint, safety is the requirement of the front.

Two, basketball court special suspension floor its high temperature resistance of 70 degrees Celsius, 120 degrees Celsius, low temperature resistance of -30 degrees Celsius, -40 degrees Celsius, specially customized up to -80 degrees Celsius, test data in more than 24 hours, even up to 72 hours of test requirements.

Three, basketball court suspended assembly floor can be used 24 hours a day all season: at the same time added anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet elements, and indoor and outdoor can be, a high-quality suspended floor life up to more than 10 years.

Four, suspended floor design outstanding drainage function, immediately after rain can be used, after snow cleaning can be exercised, not affected by the weather all year round, this is other basketball court material ground can not be compared.

Five, THE suspension floor HAS OUTSTANDING sports and sports maintenance, maintenance function, simple construction, simple installation and disassembly. In use, if there is a single piece of damaged single piece replacement, anyone can replace, without professional construction, does not affect the use, unlike plastic runway professional construction personnel doordoor construction repair, and repair time is long, the process is complex.

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