Dry Tubing Slopes

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Project Description

Dry tubing slopes

Material: modified PP

Slide floor size: 255*210*30 mm

Guard board size: 255*300*240 mm

Color: rainbow (customized)

Service life: 5~8 years(except for abrasion)

Application: dry skiing parks, amusement parks, scenic spots, kindergartens, shopping malls etc.

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In May 2018, our R&D Dept. developed a new type of dry tubing slope, it is the most advanced type at home and abroad, we own the proprietary intellectual property.

This type of dry tubing slope breaks through the seasonal, geographical, and site restrictions, allowing people to enjoy the fun of the thrilling speed in any scene or in any season. It is extremely popular in dry skiing parks, amusement parks, recreation shopping malls, scenic spots etc. It consists of sliding floors and guard boards, both are ‘S’shape. Different from other dry slopes, Fu Xuan slopes own rich colors and elegant appearance, presenting like a rainbow. Floors surface are spread with bumps whose top end are half ball shape, less friction enabling snow tubes to reach an exciting speed. Both the rainbow-like visual and wonderful sliding effect will offer new recreation experience to customers, creating a bright spot for your place.


1. Exciting sliding speed

The top end of bumps on the sliding floor is round and smooth half-ball shape, creating a small touching area between snow tubes. All those can decrease friction significantly so the snow tubes reach an exciting speed.

2. Secure & firm

Sliding floors and guard boards can be fastened to the base (cement, sheet iron, bamboo plywood etc.) by nails, preventing the whole slope sliding down.

The guard boards are designed like a ‘人’shape, both sides of the guard board can be fastened, triangle supporting system is strong more than enough, it can bear frequent attacks coming from snow tubes.

The height of the board can reach 24 cm, eliminating the risk of snow tubes rushing out.

3. Durable quality & long usage life

The material of slopes is modified polypropylene (pp), it is engineering plastic and owns great hardness. In order to assure a long usage life in the harsh outdoor environment, eliminating worries about color fading, aging, cracking, deforming and so on, we Fu Xuan improved the quality by modified plastic technology. They are treatments of hardness improvement, aging resistance, oxidant resistance, anti-UV, color stability, tenacity improvement, impact resistance, temperature resistance.

The thickness of floors and boards is 3 mm, key areas are 4 mm, the number of bumps on floors is as much as 188, Sufficient material extends usage life greatly in the condition of high-frequency abrasion.

Slope color can stay as new in three years and the lifetime can be up to 8 years (except for the abrasion).

4. Easy installation & few maintenances

Sliding floors and guard boards are connected by interlocking ways. Slope width or length can be adjusted freely. Guard boards are a both-way junction, you can also install two or more slopes together. The maintenance is near zero. If needed, you just replace the damaged ones.

5. Environmental friendly

The material PP is food degree, non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly and can be recycled. There is no harm for humans and no pollution to the environment.

We have the confidence to say the slope is no doubt a popular amusement facility that owns large.

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