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Project Description

Model No.: Summer

Pile Height: 20~40 mm

Material: Monofilament PE+PP

Dtex: 11000D

Gauge: 3/8 inch

Stitch: 120-180 Stitches/m

Color: 4 color

Backing: 2 layers+Latex

Advantage: Anti-UV, ANti-fire, No heavy metal

Application: Garden, Hotel, Swimming pool, Park, Public place

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Landscape turf

Natural grass grow fast in conditions of adequate temperature and rainfall which makes people inconvenience. Artificial grass is the best solution for some high-temperature areas due to the less rainfall and restriction policy for planting natural grass.

Residential Turf

More and more gardens and parks are equipped with synthetic turf. Innovative appearance, numerous varieties, and multi-functionality clearly make it an alternative to natural grass. Besides, it can be used where natural grass won’t grow.

Kindergarten turf

Parents will be excited to know that our turf offers a safer environment than natural grass.  Our synthetic grass provides safeguards against injury by supplying smooth and even surface and rubberized underlayments used to lessen the impact from falls.

Design Concept

The disadvantages of natural grass are that can’t keep green year-round, high maintenance cost, limited selection. Artificial grass is a beautiful and practical alternative for natural grass.

Characteristics :

  • Beautiful green color with dry yellow always give people a feeling of summer
  • Good anti-UV ability. No color fading after long time exposure to the sun
  • Strong wear-resistance: keep in good condition after years of use


  • ISO9001 & ISO14000
  • Labosport fire resistance test
  • Labosport anti-UV ability & color fastness test
  • SGS Heavy metal test
  • CE Certificate


landscaping case for artificial grass

landscaping turf application

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