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Project Description


Material: polypropylene

Size tile: 300*300 mm

Thickness tile: 13 mm

Weight: 337 g per tile

Package: 144 pieces per carton

Carton size: 945*625*355 mm

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Suspended assembling sports flooring is also called fast assembling sports flooring. The internationally popular specification is 250*250*12.8 mm, 304.8*304.8*13 mm, 305.6*305.6*14.8 mm, which can be directly paved on the base surface of cement or asphalt without bonding, each tiles are connected by a unique lock, which is very simple to install and can be removed easily.

The suspended assembled sports floor adopts mature high-strength polypropylene environmental protection material, which effectively solves the problem of thermal expansion and contraction of the floor and has stable surface friction. The anti-UV additive is added to each floor to ensure the long-term exposure of the floor. No fading in the illumination, suspended structure design and sturdy reinforced support foot structure to create excellent vertical shock absorption, anti-slip surface to prevent sports injuries, good ball resilience and ball speed to ensure floor excellence sports performance, it can be used to lay the ideal high-performance basketball court, tennis court, futsal field, roller skating course, inline hockey course and multi-purpose courses such as volleyball and badminton.


  • Click Click System – easy to install, easy to manipulation
  • Very low maintenance
  • Tiles can be moved easily
  • Long warranty and high quality,UV-stabilized.
  • Temperature resistant, no deformation under heat/cold exposure
  • Water drainage.
  • Easier to install on subpar subfloors
  • Can be installed on terraces in an easier manner
  • Consistency across the court is high as it is not made on site but in a factory
  • Environmentally very friendly as can be recycled easily. Our product uses 100% recyclable raw materials


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