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Project Description

Model No.: Mspro12

Pile Height: 40~65 mm

Material:PE Monofilament

Dtex: 11000D and 12000D

Gauge: 3/4 inch, 5/8 inch

Stitch: 140-200 Stitches/m

Color: Light/Emerald/Dark/Olive Green

Backing: 3 layers+Latex

Advantage: Anti-UV, ANti-fire, No heavy metal

Application: Soccer 11, Soccer 5, Soccer 7

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Soccer is the world’s most played and most popular sport and it is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States. A soccer game can be a very thrilling, emotionally-charged experience.

Over the years, though, various issues surrounding natural grass and the use of outdated kinds of artificial turf have surfaced. Inconsistent playing surfaces, the wear that affects the field over time, the unpredictability of natural grass terrain, and worn-out, flat and useless artificial turf fibers are all serious problems. All of these can have a negative effect on ball roll and player maneuvers, both of which can have a negative impact on the game from both player and spectator perspectives.

  • Fuxuan Turf football fields are reliable, consistent sports surfaces, surpassing even the best natural grass fields in both performance and reliability.
  • Synthetic football turfs have soft, non-abrasive fibres that resemble grass in color and feel, with superior durability and playing qualities making them the preferred choice.
  • synthetic turf holds the ball well, giving players control over ball roll with complete freedom of movement in sliding tackles and other skills.
  • A layer of recycled rubber near the base of the fibres absorbs impact and adds resilience, controlling ball bounce.
  • Our synthetic football fields have none of the drawbacks of natural grass:
  1. Waterlogged pitches causing cancelled matches are forgotten
  2. Heavy maintenance to repair worn surfaces is not needed
  3. Daily maintenance becomes minimal

Result: a perfect pitch every day of the year.

Characteristics :

  • Monofilament with double central nerve yarn make the grass good stiffness
  • High elasticity: guarantee good ball rebound and rolling effect
  • Good anti-UV ability. No color fading after long time exposure to the sun
  • Strong wear-resistance: keep in good condition after years of use


  • ISO9001 & ISO14000
  • Labosport fire resistance test
  • Labosport anti-UV ability & color fastness test
  • SGS Heavy metal test
  • CE Certificate


football 5A synthetic grass

football synthetic turf application

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