Synthetic Ice

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    Project Description

    Synthetic ice

    Material: UHMW-PE

    Size: 1500*1000*15 mm/1500*1000*20 mm

    Loading capacity: >10 tons

    Service Life: 8~10 years

    Application: hockey ice rink, shopping malls, amusement park, schools, hockey clubs.

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    synthetic ice


    Synthetic ice molecular weight must be more than 4 million, the molecular weight is higher, anti-aging property & self-lubrication property is better, flexibility is more suitable for ice sports. Fu Xuan ice weight is 1billion, it is 95% similar to real ice.

    UHMW-PE performance characteristics:

    • Extremely tough and durable
    • Low friction
    • Excellent abrasion resistance
    • Good chemical resistance
    • Low moisture absorption

    uhmwpe-synthetic ice

    Processing method: Compression molding

    Compression molding is a forming process in which a plastic material is placed directly into a heated metal mold, then is softened by the heat, and forced to conform to the shape of the mold as the mold closes.

    Connection: Tongue-in-groove joints connection

    Advantages of synthetic ice rinks

    • Low construction cost: About 1/4 of real ice rink cost, low cost is easy for popularized usage.
    • Flexible applications: Not restricted by place, environment or areas, construction area can be adjusted at any time.
    • Four-seasons usage: This ice can be used in all the year round, not affected by seasons or temperature.
    • Low operation cost: As long as 8 years service life period & few maintenances, saving countless energy cost that occurred in the real ice rink, realizing zero pollution and noise.
    • Easy installation: Tongue-in-groove joints connection, creating an easy installation, short construction period & available once laid.
    • Affiliated product: Skating shoes and protective equipment are the same as real ice rinks, convenient to purchase.
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