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Bring The Tennis Club Matches To Your Own Backyard!

FUXUAN residential tennis courts perform at the highest skill levels so you can play like the pros without the hassles of clay and grass. Choose from our popular SG01 or Supreme sports floors for a lively surface that offers excellent grip in wet or dry conditions.

FUXUAN tennis surfaces are a great choice when resurfacing or considering a new construction project at your home. When using our tennis flooring as a substrate for resurfacing, simply apply over old worn floor. As long as the concrete is flat, no additional prep work is required for the existing tennis court before applying the new surface.

How fast can I get back on the tennis court after it rains?

Because FUXUAN tennis courts are an all-weather surface that can drain quickly (no water accumulation or hazardous puddles), you’ll be back slamming serves within minutes of the rain and snow stopping. This also makes our tennis courts extremely simple to clean with a hose or power washer. Spray it off, then get right back out and play.

Can I install a FUXUAN tennis court go over an existing surface?

Installation is as simple as saying, “Game, Set, Match!” even if you are resurfacing an existing court or surface. Our interlocking tiles simply snap into place over a concrete surface. You can install our outdoor tennis courts in a matter of hours with the help of a few friends – making this an easy DIY project – or leave it to the professionals and let them install it for you.

Can I play other sports on my tennis court?

Our game court tiles are perfect for many recreational sports. As far as layouts though, our tennis courts come in a standalone court layout as well as a multi-sport layout. Check out our court layouts to see all the game court options and combinations available.

How do I clean a FUXUAN tennis court?

Let your hose do the work! All FUXUAN surfaces are made of quick draining, fast drying, interlocking tiles. That means simple, worry-free maintenance and cleaning.

Our Home Tennis Court Flooring Is A Popular Choice For Other Racquet And Net Sports Including:

  • Badminton
  • Pickleball
  • Paddleball
  • Squash
  • Racquetball